A Rated R One-Shot

(Miley and Nick are both 17 years old. They are in the same grade and class. They have been dating for one week. In two weeks from now, it’s their school prom and Nick has a plan of how he is gonna ask Miley to go with him.)

[PS: They haven’t had sex yet and they are both virgins.]


*In class*

Nick: *sitting alone on his deck*

Mrs Johnson: *comes in* Good morning students.

Miley: Mrs Johnson, can I sit with Nick?

Mrs J: Of course. But you 2 wont talk, alright? […] So last time we learned how….

Miley: *goes and sits beside Nick* Hey sexy!

Nick: *smiles* Hey beautiful!

Miley: *smiles* *goes to talk to him but she remembers that she doesn’t have to talk in the class*

Nick: *checking Miley out*

Miley: *whispers* what?

Nick: You look hot with this short skirt on.

Miley: sshhh Thank you! So are you *focus on listening to the teacher again*

Nick: *getting a little turned on by seeing Miley dressed like that* puts his hand on her leg*

Miley: *surprised by it/ jumps a little*

Nick: *rubs her leg*

Miley: *smiles/giggles* *whispers* What are u doing?

Nick: Don’t u like it babe? *smirks*

Miley: *smiles* I do! *opens her legs more so nick’s hand can go higher)

Nick: likes her answer/puts his hand between her legs/goes even more up/rubs her*

Miley: *getting turned on/smiling*

Nick: *finally reaches her pussy/rubs it through her thong*

Miley: *getting wet/smiles a lot*

Nick: *rubd it harder*Miley: *she wants to let a moan but she cant cause everyone is gonna hear her/smiling with teeth*

Mrs. J: What’s going on over there, Mrs. Cyrus? Why are you smiling that much? Did I say something funny?

Nick: *puts his hand out of her skirt/nervous for Miley*

Miley: *getting nervous/doesn’t know what to say* Uuhhh sorry Mrs. Johnson. But I just remembered something funny.

Mrs. J: Ok but listen carefully to the lesson now.

Miley: *leaves a sigh of relief/looks at nick*

Nick: *looks back at her/smiles/mouths sorry*


 -------After 15 minutes the bell rings------

(everybody gets out of the class, its lunch-time)

Nick: *leans in to Miley/kisses her softly* I will be waiting for u under the stairs in 5 mins, ok? *smiles*

Miley: *bites her lip* ok J *smiles*

Nick” *smiles back/leaves*

-----After 5 mins-----

Miley: *going under the stairs/nobody is there/walking down them* Nick, are u here?

Nick: *hugs Miley from behind* I’m here Miles. I’ve been waiting for you. *smiles sexually*

Miley: *giggles/feeling awesome in his arms*

Nick: *turns her around/kisses her passionately*

Miley: *kissing back/puts her hand around his neck*

Nick: *pushing Miley softly against the wall/holding her tight/their bodies are touching/kissing her even more passionately*

Miley: *smiles though the kiss/kisses as passionately as she can/opens her mouth more so Nick’s tongue is all the way in her mouth*

Nick: *holding her tight with one hand/moves his other hand from her waist to down to her leg/rubs it/kissing her neck*

Miley: *moans a little/likes the whole thing*

Nick: *gets hard/puts his hand between her legs/rubs them hard*

Miley: *puts her hand on his butt/massages it/moans*

Nick: *smiles though the kiss/puts his hand all the way in her skirt/rubs her sides and pussy/sucks on her neck/gets harder*

 Miley: *getting wet/moans*

Nick: *reaches for her thong/kissing and biting her lips*

Miley: *kissing back passionately/licks his lips* come on nick, take it off! *moans*

Nick: *taking of her thong (without taking off her skirt)/rubs her pussy*

Miley: *kissing him/knows that he got hard/brings her hand on his dick/rubs it through his pants/moans*

Nick: *moans/grins/getting more turned on/kissing from her nick down to her boobs/massages them*

Miley: *moans* Nick….*rubbing his dick hard*

Nick: yeah Miley…*finds her sweet spot/sucks on it*

Miley: I love you *giggles*

Nick: I love you too *puts his hand up her shirt/kissing her*

Miley: *deepens the kiss more passionately*

Nick: *puts his hand inside of her skirt again/rubs her pussy* baby you are already wet! *gets hard*

Miley: *moans/getting weak*

Nick: *puts a finger in her* Do u like it that babe *in a sexually voice*

Miley: *getting wet a lot/moans* Harder Nick! More!

Nick: *moves his finger in a circular motion/kissing her*

Miley: *kissing him back/moans/*

Nick: *put two fingers in her/moving them in and out*

Miley: *cant stand it anymore/moans loudly/getting wear/biting her lips* Nick, harder!

Nick:* goes harder/wants himself inside of her right now*

Miley:*moans like crazy* Stop baby, im gonna….*she is about to cum*

Nick: *goes harder and faster* cum Miley cum!

Miley: *cums on his hand* lets a long loud moan*

Nick: *takes his fingers out/licks them* you taste amazing Miles!

Miley: *kissing him roughly/gets a taste of her cum* I guess… *smiles*

  -----bell rings-----

Miley: *getting her thong on* that was A M A Z I N G nick! YOU are amazing Nick! I love you J *kisses him*

Nick: *kissing back* thanks! I love u too Miley

Miley: *smiles* lets go to our class. We are gonna be late.

Nick: aww Miley? By the way will you go with me at the prom? *showing her their tickets*

Miley: *smiles/that was exactly what she wanted him to ask* I would love to! *kissing him*

Nick: *kissing back/pulls away* good *grins*

Niley: *going to thei class/acting normal/being extremely happy*


Miley’s POV:

I had the best time of my life! We almost did it but you know, we couldn’t have don’t here in school so I like that we didn’t go that far. He is the guy that every girl would have wanted to have by her side! He hasn’t asked for sex yet cause he knows that I want my time. But since he asked me to the prom im sure that we are gonna have sex that night! I totally love him. So im sure that im ready. I want him to be my first time.


Nick’s POV

She is amazing! I wasn’t sure if I should have asked het to do what she just did but it came out to be a great idea! We didn’t go that far, well its school here. I think that we may have sex after the prom but im not sure if she is already ready. I don’t want neither to hurt her nor to do something that she wouldn’t want to do, I love her!


-------one week passes and today it’s prom night---------


Miley: *getting ready for the prom*


Miley’s POV

Tonight is the prom! It’s gonna be awesome! I bought that beautiful white and pink dress just to look gorgeous for nick! He is the guy that I’m gonna make love with tonight. I’m ready I know it. I love him and I know that even if he hasn’t asked for it yet, he wants it! So I’m gonna give to my boy what he wants because I want it too.


Nick: *getting ready for the prom*


Nick’s POV

Well Joe suggested me buying this black suit and he thought that its perfect. So do I! I want to look handsome for Miley. She is my love. I LOVE HER. Tonight I will figure out if she wants us to have sex or not. I’m gonna figure it out by her movements. I think she has a surprise for me cause she kept saying that tonight was going to be a night that we will never forget.



Nick: *ringing Miley’s bell/fixes his jacket*

Miley: *opens the door/smiles* Hi Nick!

Nick: *jaw drops* Hi Miley!

Miley: *hugs him*

Nick: *hugs back/kisses her lips softly* Miley you are incredible! You are so so beautiful. I don’t know if I can go the prom with you. I’m not that handsome to be beside a girl like you.

Miley: *smiles* ooww Nick, you look awesome on this suit! You are so handsome! Don’t say such things about yourself!

Nick: *kisses her softly* so ready to go?

Miley: *checking herself out* Yes i.m ready!

Nick: *takes Miley’s hand/leads them to his car*

Miley: This is gonna be a night to remember, don’t you think?

Nick:*smiles* yes I do! *opens the door for her*

Miley: *smiles* thank you, handsome!

Nick: anything for my girl


(they go to the prom. Everyone is there! Miley’s is the most beautiful girl and Nick is the most handsome guy in the room.)


------3 hours have passed. They are both kinda tired and bored------


Niley: *dancing*

Nick:  are u having fun?

Miley: I am! Just because I have you! *kisses him*

Nick: *kisses her back passionately*

Miley: *deepens the passionate kiss*

Nick: *going down to her neck/kisses and sucks on it*

Miley: *smiles*

Nick: *still kissing her neck roughly/kinda horny*

Miley: *thinks that it’s time*

Nick: *stops kissing her neck* hmm Miley, I don’t know how to set it out, but I can I ask you something?

Miley: *smiles/knows what he is gonna tell* yeah of course

Nick: hmmm ok….my brothers and parents are out of the town and I’m home alone. So I was thinking if you would like to come over….

Miley: *happy*

Nick: so….?

Miley: I would love to Nicky! J *kisses his lips softly/wraps her arms around his neck*

Nick: *kissing back/pulls away* you better hold this for when we are gonna be alone *smirks*

Miley: *giggles* true


----They leave the hall-----


At Nick’s house

Niley: *goes in*

Nick: *takes his jacket of and her coat too* Go sit on the couch if you want *smiles*

Miley: yeah thanks

Nick: *walking towards kitchen* Do u want anything to drink?

Miley: a cola would be great

Nick: sure *goes to kitchen*

Miley: *looking around the house*

Nick: *comes back with 2 glasses of cola/leave them on the table* here we are! * sits next to her*

Miley:*smiles* your house is really nice *drinks some cola*

Nick: thanks

Miley: *feeling awkward/stares at him*

Nick: *stares at her/leans in and kisses her*


Miley’s POV


‘Im so excited but I don’t really show it. I think that the time that I had wanted so bad has come. He kissed my lips passionately and I kissed him back. He licked my lips begging for entrance. I opened my mouth more and I felt his tongue exploring my mouth. He is a good kisser, no doubt. I could feel his tongue to my throat and I was getting really wet.



Miley: *suddenly stands up/sits on Nick’s lap/kisses hi neck

Nick: *runs his hands up and down her back*

Miley: *kissing his neck/finds his sweet spot/sucks on it hard/exposes a mark*

Nick: *smirks/starts getting a boner/runs his hands down on her legs and in her dress*

Miley: *feels his boner/gigles*

Nick: what? It’s not my fault. *reaches Miley’s dress zipper/looks at her for making it sure*

Miley: *looks at him/nods*

Nick: *unzips Miley’s dress/kissing her lips* Just tell me when you want me to stop…

Miley: *kissing back/nods*

Nick: *stands up*

Miley: *jumps on him/wraps her legs around his waist (with her dress still on but unzipped)/kissing him*

Nick: *kissing back/leads them upstairs/opens his door/goes in holding her/shuts the door/lets Miley down*

Miley: *slips her dress of by moving her hips, so it falls on the ground*

Nick: *checking her out/holding her waist/kissing her* You have such a gorgeous body Miles.

Miley: thanks…*unbuttons his shirt/kissing him/takes it off/throws it on the floor/traces his abs*

Nick: *pushing Miley on the bed/goes on top of her/kissing her neck*

Miley: *wraps her arms around his neck*

Nick: *licks her lips, cheek ,neck and ear*

Miley: *moans a little*

Nick: *kissing her from her neck down to her breasts*

Miley: *moans a little/biting her lips/rubs his back*

Nick: *unbuttons Miley’s bra/takes it off/takes his pants off*

Miley: *puts her arms around her breasts/feels uncomfortably*

Nick: *confused* What’s wrong, babe? Do you want us to stop?

Miley: No…just continue *smiles*

Nick: *smiles/takes her hands away/stares at her breasts* You’re beautiful!

Miley: *blushes*

Nick: *kissing and lucking her breasts*

Miley: *moans/her nipples get hard*

Nick: *smiles/biting softly her nipples/licks them*

Miley: *runs her fingers through his hair/moans*

Nick: *moving down to her stomach/kissing it*

Miley: *moans/pulls his hair*

Nick: *reaches her thong/takes it off/looks at her pussy/rubs it*

Miley: *moans*

Nick: *goes up/ kissing her/rubs her pussy*

Miley: *kissing back/moaning/wraps her arms around his neck*

Nick: *inserts a finger in her/moves it/groans*

Miley: Aaaww Nick/ *moans*

Nick: *puts another finger in her/moves them in a circular motion*

Miley: *moans/gets weak/about to cum*

Nick: *goes faster deep in her*

Miley: *cums/moaning* Aww….

Nick: *smiles/wides her legs/leans in/starts licking her cum*

Miley: *moans* faster Nicky! *pulls his hair*

Nick: *sucking on her/kissing all over her womanhood*

Miley: *arches her back/moans/pulls his hair harder*

Nick: *goes up/kisses her lips roughly* Love you Miley

Miley: *giggles/kisses back* love you too Nick

Nick: *kissing her*

Miley: *kisses back/pulls way* Now it’s my turn to pleasure you… *smirks*

Nick: *excited/smiles*

Miley: *rolls them so she is on top of him/goes down/pulls his boxers off* OMG Nick…Wow!

Nick: what’s wrong Miley? Why did you stop? *sits up*

Miley: Nick you’re huge! I like it! *smirks*

Nick: *blushes* thanks Miles.

Miley: *pushes him down/goes on top of him/kissing his neck roughly* I love your skin baby. It’s so flawless.

Nick: *grins/moans/holding her waist/rubbing her sides*

Miley: *sucks on his neck hard/exposes a mark/rubs his abs*

Nick: *moans/feels her body to his manhood/goes hard*

Miley: *kissing his chest/licking his abs*

Nick: *grins*

Miley: *goes down/takes his dick on her hand/puts it in her mouth*

Nick: Miley! Fucking yeahh

Miley: *spins her tongue around it/licking it/tries to pull it all the way in her mouth*

Nick: *moaning* Harder baby

Miley: *licks harder/pulls it all the way in her mouth*

Nick: *cums in her mouth* Yeah baby

Miley: *pulls away/licks and swallows it* You’re big baby. I could hardly breath.

Nick: *giggles* Don’t speak. Let me make love to you, please. *smiles*

Miley: *lies on the bed with her legs wide*. I’m ready for you

Nick: *posistons himself* sure?

Miley: *nods nervously* Just go slow in me…

Nick: *goes slow in her/kissing her lips softly*

Miley: *in pain/moans in his mouth/tears rolls down her face* Ugh Nick it hurts.

Nick: *pulls out* baby, just relax.You are gonna be enjoying this in a moment.

Miley: kay, try again

Nick: *goes in her* Miley fuck you are so tight!

Miley: *wides her legs as much as possible/moans*

Nick: *trusts a little harder*

Miley: *starts feeling the pleasure/breathing heavily* Harder Nicky!

Nick: *trusts in and out of her harder and faster*

Miley: *moans loudly/closes her eyes*

Nick: *trusts really really hard* Almost there Miles…

Miley: *holds the sheets/lets a long and loud moan/cums in him*

Nick: *moans/keeps going hard/cums*

Miley: *breathing heavily/rolls them/she is on top of him/starts riding him*

Nick: *moans* oh yeah Miley…

Miley: *goes up and down/her boobs are bouncing* Nicky!!

Nick: *cums again*

Miley: *cums/lies next to him* that was….

Nick: didn’t you like it?

Miley: I loved it! I love you! *kisses him*

Nick: *kisses back* I love you too Miles! You are the girl that everyone has ever dreamed of being with!

Miley:*blushes* thank you! I’m gonna remember this night forever. Prom. Our first time. You. *lies her head on his chest*

Nick: *smiles* I’m proud of that. *pecks her lips*

Miley: *giggles* So, can I sleep here for tonight?

Nick: Of course! My home is your home too!

Miley: thank you, Nicky! *kissing him*

Nick: *kissing back* wanna sleep now?

Miley: sure

Nick: *wraps his arms around her/holding her on his arms/pulls the sheets above them*

Miley: *on his arms* Goodnight, my love.

Nick: Goodnight, most beautiful girl in the world!

Niley: *they fall asleep*