The Party

A Rated R Niley Story


Part 1

Miley's POV

I have been getting ready for Demis party for 3 hours now. I had chosen to wear a dark-blue mini dress with black high heels but I wasnt sure if I looked really good on them. I wanted to look more beautiful than I had even looked like before. It wasnt because I wanted to be the most gorgeous girl at the party; beat the other girls or something like that. It was because Nick Jonas had asked me to go with him. Yeah right, Nick Jonas, the most talented boy on my school, with the angelic voice and amazing vocals. In my opinion, he is the most handsome at my school. I love everything in him: from his short curls that cover his forehead to his flawless skin and smell. We arent dating. We are just friends, best friends. But Im hoping for something else to happen tonight

The doorbell rang. That meant that Nick was here. I went to open the door since I checked myself on the mirror for the last time. I opened the door and I saw a gorgeous boy with a rose bouquet standing in front of me. He went to hug me and so did I. I noticed that he was wearing his perfume. OMG that smell of him has always made me wanna kiss his neck. I accepted the bouquet of roses and I picked my pursue and coat. He told me that I was breath taking and I just blushed.
He suggested us leaving already because otherwise we would be late. He opened the door of the car for me. He is such a gentleman. I ve always loved his manners. During the ride, we didnt talk at all. We would look at each other awkwardly sometimes but then he moved his hand to mine and he just held it while he was concentrated on driving. I smiled to myself and I felt butterflies next to my heart and my stomach. Maybe he liked me too. I mean, we had been friends for 2 years but I had never told him my true feeling for him.

When we arrived, he got off the car and he opened my door again. I smiled gently and I gave him my hand. We walked side by side through the garden and then we saw Demi standing at the door. We saluted her and entered in. I could see, by her expression, that she was really happy for us.


Part 2

Miley's POV

Almost 1 hour and a half had passed when he asked me to dance with him. It wasnt a slow song on. But Tik Tok was on. He put his hands on my waist and he held me closer that he had ever before. M y mouth was just 5 inches away from his but we didnt kiss. We started moving back and forth to the pace. And others songs came on and now we were dancing dirty to each other. He had moved his hands from my waist to my hips and butt. I didnt stop him because I liked it. I wouldnt care if I was called slut anyways. I would move down to his crotch and then up again or I would turn around with my back facing him and I would rub my body to his. He had got hard, I could feel it. And then as I looked in his eyes and then down, I felt warmth on my neck. I t was him.his lips.
He touched his lips on my neck and gave me soft repeatedly kisses. He moved to my cheek as we continued to dance and then to my lips. I kissed back with all the passion that I owned. It lasted a lot, it was out first kiss anyways. As I pulled away to breath, he looked at me with those sparkly eyes and he asked me to be his girlfriend. ;)
I smiled and looked down blushing. It was the question I wanted him to ask the most. He put his palms on the sides of my face and he demanded for an answer. I said YES with a big smile on my face. Good he said leaning to kiss me again. Our kiss was soft, wealthy and full of passion. We made it last for ages. He pulled away and whispered in my ear if I wanted to go somewhere more private where it would be just me and him. I accepted as the thing I wanted the most was to be next to him all the time. He took my hand and lead us to an empty room in Demis house. I had butterflies in my stomach but still I was anxious about what would happen next.

As he shot the door, he got close to me by holding my waist with one hand and with the other he stroked my cheek. Youre beautiful he said. So are you I said and smiled. We kissed again but this time we turned it into a make out session. I could feel the strength of his body pressing against mine with his hands around me. His tongue explored my mouth and licked my lips. I had never been kissed like this before. I had given and been given only quick soft kisses with my ex boyfriend and we had never moved any further. But I knew Nick wanted more. But I also knew that we just made up so I had decided not to go further that I wouldnt be comfortable with.

He held my waist tight and he pushed me against the nearest wall. We kept kissing passionately not breaking the kiss. Suddenly, I felt Nicks hand moving from my waist to my leg. He ran his hands on my legs, rubbing them and slightly massaging them. I could feel my excitement raise up. I wanted to let him do anything he wanted to me. ANYTHING! Anything that would make him feel the excitement and joy I was feeling. I put my arms around his back as I kept passionately kissing him. He slowly moved his hands inside my mini dress, rubbing my upper thighs. He was so good at doing it!

Part 3

Miley's POV

As he kept rubbing my upper thighs while having his hands inside my mini dress, he pulled away from the kiss and he went to kiss my cheek and then my chin and he finally moved to my neck. He kissed it softlySo softly that I thought I would faint. So, I closed my eyes enjoying the moment.I pulled my head back, letting more space for him to kiss. I could feel now his body rubbing against mine. He must have been gone hard, cause I was feeling the excitement in his area in my lower stomach. He was still stroking my thighs and he would soon enough reach my panties inside of my dress. He started then kissing hungrily my neck. Nothing like the previous soft ones. He used his tongues to suck and lick some spots in my neck and oh God he went me crazy! I moaned lightly, making Nick smile.

He lifted his head up from my neck and he approached my ear. He stopped rubbing his hands on my body since he had reached the sides of my panties, and he just let them hanging there. I could feel his hot breath in my ear while he whispered seductively to me: I-i-I have never asked you that before buthow long have you gone with a boy?

Thats the question I had been the most awkward of being asked. I didnt know what to say but I finally found the strength to spoke. I have only had 2 boys in my life andIm virgin if thats what you want to know, I said whispering and I lowered my head shyly . He stroked my chin as he pulled away and he lifted my head. Good to know he said looking in my eyes. Just tell me when you want us to stop I nodded and I looked back at him. He closed his eyes and he kissed me. I kissed him back passionately.
He went to remove his hands from my panties inside my dress, when I told him smiling: Its okay, you can do what you were going to do He kinda smirked and kissed me again. We were kissing passionately, moving our lips and tongues together. It felt so good to have his tongue in my mouth, exploring it. He placed his hands in the spot where they were previously and he started pulling down my panties.
That feeling was beyond exciting. However, I was a little uncomfortable since no one had even seen my woman hood before. He continued to pull it down and kissing me. When he had brought my panties to my thighs he let it fall down on the ground. As we were still kissing, he moved his hands to his shirt and he unbuttoned one of the buttons, then the other and other, when he was finally done.

I pulled away from the kiss and I placed my hands on his shoulders and I removed his shirt. Wow was the only thing I could say. He looked at me continuously as I stared at his beautiful muscular body. He had strong arms with an amazing 6 pack placed on his stomach. His chest was strong as well and his nipples were pink and small. I wandered my hands on his shoulders, back, shoulders (again), chest and stomach.
I removed my back from the wall that he had pushed me previously and I kissed his neck. He had a flawless and beautiful skin and believe me, it was delicious. I could smell the perfume he always wore as I placed more and more kisses on his neck. I opened my moth more and I sucked on his neck hard. Really hard. Miley, he groaned. I giggled and I sucked more and I even beat his skin. I moved to his chest and placed soft kisses there too. I pulled away after a minute and I moved my hand from his back to his dick and I rubbed it slowly. I could hear his soft moans exposing from his mouth as he moved his head back, enjoying it. I went for his belt and I undid it. I removed and threw it down. I undid his pants too and I pulled them down. He took them off since he had first removed his shoes.

I placed my hands on his waist and he pulled me close to him. I started rubbing against him, like a pole-dancing thingy, and I whispered in his ear: Do me already Nick. I want you
I guess he liked my words cause he pushed me violently against the wall and lifted one of my legs to his waist, holding it, and kissed my deeply. My dress (since it was a mini one) lifted itself really really high, almost exposing my pussy. He rubbed my thigh and he slid his hands inside my dress immediately, rubbing my pussy for the first time. The most pleasure sense that I had felt in my life so far was thatoh gosh it felt so good! He rubbed it with his palm first, then with his thumb and he finally placed his mid-finger in it slowly pulling it inside of me. I let a long, not so loud, moan and I pulled away from the kiss breathing heavily.

Part 4

Miley's POV

He rubbed my thigh and he slid his hands inside my dress immediately, rubbing my pussy for the first time. The most pleasure sense that I had felt in my life so far was thatoh gosh it felt so good! He rubbed it with his palm first, then with his thumb and he finally placed his mid-finger in it slowly pulling it inside of me. I let a long, not so loud, moan and I pulled away from the kiss breathing heavily.

He fucked me hard with his finger. Really hard! He moved it in a circual motion, in and out, right and left. I moaned his name pleasurably Nicky Harder and that encouraged him to insert a second finger in me. I was kissing now his lips really hungrily. He had driven me crazy. I wasnt suddenly shy at all. I wanted him inside of me now. And I bet he was big. Really big. I had just felt his erection and that had turned me on.

I pushed his fingers out of me and I pulled away from the kiss. I turned around to face the wall and I told him to unzip my dress. He slowly unzipped my dress, enjoying my soft skin with his touch. As he reached the end of the zip, he put his hands on my shoulders and so did I and we pulled it down together. I wasnt wearing abra, so now I was completely naked. Since I was facing the wall, he took the chance to enjoy the behind part of my body. He went close to me and he placed his hands on my hips. He pushed me against the wall. So my breasts were being pushed against the wall too. I felt chills on my body as I couldnt stand the cold of the wall fighting against the heat of Nicks mouth on my shoulder. He kept kissing my right shoulder and he moved his hands to the cheeks of my ass. He massaged them hard and he whispered in my ear Do you like that baby?

He was playing his game and I wanted to play it to. I whispered seductively back I would love it more if I could also feel your big cock between my cheeks. He pulled away and he took his boxers of which left his naked too. He slowly approached and pushed me against the wall like before. He placed his hands on my cheeks and he kissed my neck passionately. He started then to push his dick more and more against my ass. I was being pleasured so fucking hard and I couldnt resist but moan, moan like crazy. He kept pushing his dick in my ass but not in my fucking hole as he moved one of his hands to my pussy from my cheek. Now he had both his hands and dick in my pussy and ass and he was about to insert his dick in my ass when I interrupted him and demanded him to stay here so I could go and lay on the bed behind us, and I would ask him to come when I wanted.

Then he put his finger out of my pussy, he licked it and he let me go. I went and laid on the bed. I spread my legs wide and I rubbed my pussy. I yelled at him to come. He then turned around and I could see that he had got a boner. He looked at me sexually and then he looked at my hand which was rubbing my pussy. He looked at me again and he sat at the edge of the bed with his knees, and he put his face near my pussy. He placed his mouth on my pussy and he started licking my liquid after he had removed my own hand from there. He played with my clit with his tongue and he sucked it. I moaned loudly and pulled his hair hard. I wanted to close my legs because I couldnt stand it any more but he kept holding them firm.

Part 5

Miley's POV

 I kept pushing his head close to my pussy as he was licking my area and I never wanted him to stop. It was like nothing I’d felt before. After 3 minutes, he pulled away and to his complete astonishment he saw my kind of sad face. I was like that because I really liked what he had been doing. But he came closer to my face, he leaned in and whispered in my ear: “That’s nothing comparison to what I’m gonna do to you in a minute”

  He pulled away, looking in my eyes, totally naked in front of me and smirked. I giggled and waved at him to come closer to me. He laid his body on top of me, trying not to “ruin” my petite figure. I could feel his own bare chest to my own bare breasts and his dick to my woman-hood area. I moaned lightly and went to kiss him. It was just a long passionate kiss as he didn’t do anything else to me.

  After a while he pulled away, lifted his body to his knees and he spread my legs wide again. He positioned himself in the right spot of my body, my womanhood and started slowly going on me…


I felt his huge dick in my pussy and I couldn’t resist but moan.. Every friend of mine that I’d asked, they’d told me that the first time is really painful. But what about me? I wasn’t feeling either a slight pain in there but instead I was being pleasured.

  He pushed his dick more and more in my pussy and my screams become louder. I moaned his name continuously and that encouraged him to go all the way in me. He groaned and smirked to the feeling of my walls closing around his dick.

  After a long moan, I reached for his neck with my hands and I pulled him closer to my face, breathing heavily. I whispered to him seductively, “Now Nick go hard! Really hard! Don’t even think that you’re hurting me. I assume you that it’s the best and most pleasurable moment in my life” and I gave him a soft kiss on the neck.

  He started now thrusting in and out of me hard and fast. One moment he would be out of me and the next he would be all the way in me again. He kept this pace for about 15 minutes, hearing my moans of his name and the encouragements to go harder and harder, until I was about to cum and he was about to as well. “Nickyyy” I said loudly and I came all over his dick. He groaned my name and he came too, feeling his juices in my whole body. I moaned loudly as my orgasm had driven me crazy.
   Nick, tired, from bouncing, laid beside me breathing heavily. I turned my head to face him and I saw him looking down to his cock and jerking off. I sat on my butt and I told him that I would take care of him. Then, I went closer to his dick and I took it in my hands. I stroked it softly and I pulled it in my mouth. I licked and sucked it like a lollipop but I couldn’t have it in my mouth all the way….it was too big.

Part 6

Miley's POV

He pulled my head hardly, entangling his fingers in my hair. I kept giving him a blow job, hearing his angelic moans going out of his mouth. “Miley. Baby. Fuck! Yeah right there…”

  Soon enough, I was joined by his hot cum. I licked and swallowed it, deep throating him. After a while, I pulled away, licking my lips and I came to see the astonishing expression on his face. He lifted his body and sat on his butt as well, placing one of his hands on me cheek. He looked in my eyes deeply, he stroked my cheek and he whispered: “How did you feel? Ummm…. did you like it?”

  A smile formed on my face and I placed my hands on the sides of his face. “I loved it Nick. I’m glad you’re the one who took my virginity”, I said and I leaned in to give him a kiss watching his face becoming all smiley from my answer. When I pulled away I told him that I loved him and he said it back.

  We decided that we’d better leave the party because everyone by now would have got drunk and they might want the room too. We walked out of that room in Demi’s house, holding hands. I felt that some people were looking at us jealously but some others didn’t even see us. We said goodnight to Demi and we walked out of the house.

  A freezing breeze surrounded my body and I came to find out that it’s amazing not to have an underwear on. Yeah I didn’t wear one. Nick had put it in his pocket and he had told me that he would give it to later.

  I had walked in the party as a single virgin girl and now I was walking out of it not being a virgin but having the most gorgeous boyfriend in the world beside me. We got in his car and we drove to his house for one more extraordinary round of sex…

  And now 8 years later, I’m being fucked every single day like that night by my handsome man Nick…. <3