Leaving Me Speechless


(This is a really random one shot that I came on my mind last night)
Hope you like it..

*Miley and Nick went to a date and now Nick is driving Miley back home*

Nick: *driving his truck* Did you like it tonight?
Miley: *sitting next to him* yeah it was awesome *smiles*
Nick: Come here baby
Miley: *goes closer to Nick, lifts her head on his shoulder*
Nick: *kissing softly her hair*
Miley: Nick? You know what?
Nick: what Miley? Tell me.
Miley: Im the happiest that I have been in the past couple of months *smiles*
Nick: Im so glad Miley.
Miley: And you know what else?
Nick: what else Mileys? *reaching Mileys house, stops in the corner*
Miley: *pulls away from his shoulder/facing him* Its because of you.
Nick: *looks deeply in her eyes*
Miley: *looks deeply in his eyes too* I just love you Nicky. You are my reason for being alive right now.
Nick: *smiles* Love you too Miles. You mean the world to me too.
Miley: Good *giggles* For a moment I thought that you wouldnt say that
Nick: *confused* Why did you think that baby?
Miley: I dont knowYou have been so quiet tonightIs everything okay?
Nick: yeah everything is ok. Im just a little bit tired. Sorry Miley
Miley: Baby, dont apologize. Do you want me to do anything to cheer you up a little bit? *goes closer to him/stokes his cheek/rubs his chest*
Nick: *smiles/leans in and kisses her*
Miley: *kissing back deeply*
Nick: *puts his hands around her waist/kissing her*
Miley: *keeps kissing his lips*
Nick: *holds her hard closer to his body/kissing her more deeply*
Miley: *lifts her body so she stands on her knees on the seat/kissing him*
Nick: *still holding Miley/moves her on his lap/holds her close to his body by hair waist*
Miley: *kissing and licking his lips passionately*
Nick: *explores her mouth with his tongue/rubs his hands up and down her body*
Miley: *kissing passionately back/plays with his hair*
Nick: *his body is touching hers/pus his hands on her blouse*
Miley: *kissing his cheek/his ear/moving to his neck/kissing it lightly*
Nick: *rubs her back with his hands inside her shirt*
Miley: *kissing hard his neck/exposes a mark*
Nick: You wont make me expose a mark, right? We have school tomorrow*smirking*
Miley: *giggles* Its too late now *kissing his lips*
Nick: *kissing her lips deeply*
Miley: *rubs her body on his/moves up and down slowly/kissing back*
Nick: *getting hard/smiles/kissing her neck/rubs her back/reaches her bra*
Miley: *still kinda bouncing on his lap* You can take it off, if you want
Nick: *unclips her bra/goes back to continue kissing her neck*
Miley: *pulls away/removes her bra slowly/still wearing her blouse*
Nick: *kissing her neck hard/moves down to her chest and breasts*
Miley: *lets a little moan/moves her hips*
Nick: *getting hard/kissing all the skin that her blouse exposes*
Miley: aww yeah Nicky *touches her breasts/lifts them up, almost out of her blouse (ps: her bouse has a long neckline)
Nick: * puts his face there right in her breasts/kissing and licking around*
Miley: *moans/moves his hips to his lap/rubs his chest*
Nick: *gets a nipple on his mouth/plays with it*
Miley: *getting wet/lets some moans/feels his hardness*
Nick: *kissing all over her breasts again/whispers* I want you
Miley: *giggles/pulls away from his lap/sits on her seat* well I have to go. We have school tomorrow
Nick: *surprised* WHAT?! You just turned me one and now you leave a horny guy alone?! Wtf?
Miley: *giggles* Dont be sad. Another time. *pecks his lips/whispers in his ear* By the way, I.want.you.too. *pulls away/opens the truck door* Bye Nick! See you tomorrow.
Nick: *speechless/jaw drops/realizes what just happened/ laughs alone* haha