Just For One Night

A Rated R Niley Story

 Miley was walking around her office, trying to find the courage to go to her principal's office. She decided to have a seat first and recal on her mind all the things that happened this week. She paced her elbows on her knees and covered her face with her palms.

Why did this have to happen to me? She thought in her head. She kept asking God this question and she never got an answer. Then she lifted her head looking straight to her desk and from all the mess going there, one thing draw her attention. She rosed from the couch, walking to her desk, still looking at something. She held the photograph up near her face and she touched the glass that was covering the frame and a small tear escaped from her eye. In that picture was her little boy, Iam. "Why my God? Why? Why did this bad thing have to happen to us? To him?", she whispered while tears started rolling down her face.

Then she realised that she had to get over her fears, her stress and go straight to her principal's office, only for Ian's sake. She wipped her tears away and looked at the photo one last time, placing it back on the desk. She reached for her purse and searched for her mirror. Once she found it, she reflected herself, fixing somehow the mess she had just made by crying. When she's done, she put it back in her purse, turned around on her heels and walked to the door opening it, determined to visit Mr Jonas's office.

- - - -

The truth is that Miley was not a married woman. She got pregnant at the age of 18 by her ex boyfriend, Liam. Once he found out that she'd got pregnant by him, he ran away and he never came back, neither did he call Miley again. Now, 5 years later, Miley is raising her 5-year-old child Ian on her own. She decided not to have an abortion because her religion doesn't approve of things like that. Shee's a hardcore Christian and she didn't want to do something that she would regret anyways. Her family always supported her and they even helped her raise Ian while she was going to college and now that she is working at this corporation, by taking Iam at their house at times. She always appreciated it and she though that she owed them for doing something like this.

The bad thing, however, was revealed earlier this week when Ian broke his arm at school. She brought his to the hospital, to receive the appropriate treatment and after some exams, she came to find out that Ian suffers from leukemia.


Miley walked through the offices of her colleagues, being as nervous as never before until she reached her destination: Her principal's office.
She straightened her pencil black skirt, taking a deep breath and knocked on the door, opening it slowly. A loud "Come in" came from inside, confirming that Mr. Jonas was there.

He lifted his gaze from the computer in front of him to see Miley standing halfaway inside his office, "Hello Miley. Come in, come in" he said in excitement to see her, which made Miley walk in and close the door behind her.

He checked out her out, not leaving either a spot of her body out of his gaze. He admired her long legs, her hips, her breasts. He admired how this tight skirt revealed all her curves in the right places. And her shirt? Ohh, her white see-through shirt drove him crazy. Her revealing clevage was exactly what a man would like to see in a woman and...touch.

He'd longed several times for her body, since the day she started working here. To touch it. To pull off all of her clothes. To be inside of her.
He tried now to concentrate on her talking since he didn't want to appear as a jerk to her.

"Mr. Jonas, are you listening to me?", Miley almost whispered, looking at him weirdly. "Yeah Miley, go on" he announced looking at her hot, pink lips covered with lipstick.
"It's something personal", she admitted. "I don't know how to start..", she stated trying not to burst in tears in front of him.
"Go on, honey", he tried to be as gentle as possible since he was the Pricipal of this company and he had to be kind of strict. But of course he couldn't resist but being nice to Miley.
"You know you can trust me", he stated admiring her long hair that she was messing around with her figers. Miley sighed and she went on again.
" I don't want to appear desperate but, Mr. Jonas I really need your help..."

A million thoughts were going around in Nick's head, wondering what she wanted and he just nodded, showing that he was listening carefully to her.

"Okay, I need to begin", she said placing her hands on her tummy and looking down. " I need to borrow some money from the company...Money that I'm not able to own. But I promise you, Mr. Jonas, that I will give you every dollar back one I have them and plus, I'll do whatever you want me to do. It can be anything! You want me to work more? I will! Just ask me and I'll do it" she said quickly and burst in tears.

"Miley Miley Miley", Nick repeated, rosing from his chair. "Please don't cry", he whispered, trying to comfort her.

"It's just that...I'm so embarassed of asking something like this from you" she said through her crying, looking down.
"Aww please Miley don't cry and most of all, don't be embarassed", he begged, placing his hand on her shoulder and stroking it.
"Just tell me why do you want the money", he said lifting her chin high to meet his gaze. Her big blue eyes were shining. She looked at him deeply and he noticed how important the situation must have been.

"I can't really tell you, Mr. Jonas. It's for something really important to my life. I know I'm asking for a lot and I even imagine that you may not finally give me the money but...", she mumbled through her tears but Nick cute her off.
"No, Miley no" he said immediately, making a quick move, hugging her tight close to his body, not leaving any space between them.
"Don't even think that I will refuse to lend you the money. You're part of this company and you have rights to ask for things. And since, what you are asking for is something possible, I don't see a reason for not fulfilling your desire", he said in a calm voice near her ear, watching Miley depend the hug by placing her hands around him.

After, what felt like ages, they pulled away and Nick wipped Miley's tears with his thumb. "I will give you the money", he said, seeing Miley's face become bright again.
Nick could understand that Miley happens to be in a difficult situation in her life, but also, he couldn't hide his temptations.
"But of course there will be a price", he admitted looking in her eyes.

"Okay", Miley nodded, waiting for him to tell her what it was. She would expect either more hours of work or decrease in her salary to be the prices but she came to find out that it wasn't something like this.

"Spend a night with", he stated. "Sleep with me for a night and you'll have the money"


"What?", she almost yelled, looking back at him strictly, her eyes almost in fire.
"You heard me", he said in a calm voice, turning around on his heels and walking to his chair.

"A moment before you were hugging and comforting me and now you're taking advantage of me? Who do you think that you are, Mr. Jonas.", she gasped while feeling disgust surrounding her.

"Miley, why are you freaking out? It's not a big deal. It's Just For One Night. No one is gonna learn it. And aftel all, you'll get the money without toil", he said staring at her with a small smirk formed on his face.

Miley shook her head from right to left, lowering her head, taking a moment of silence to face the options she had. If she refused his suggestion, she wouldn't be able to find the money for Ian, until Monday which was the deadline. She needed the money, she couldn't deny...
"So..?", Nick broke the silence and waitinf for her decision.

Miley lifted her head with a look of disgust in her eyes. She couldn't believe that someone could be so evil. "I accept", she stated and continued
"But nobody either from here or from our friends and family will learn it. It will be for ONE night and aftel that we'll forget it forever."

"When?" Nick said.

"Saturday night. At your house." she revealed with a strict voice and turned around to open the door. She looked back at him for a last time and she left the office, almost slamming the door behind her.


Miley managed to convince her parents that she would go to New York for meetings with some bank employers. She needed to fill the fact that she would return Saturday morning with a check of one hundred dollars in her hand. She told her parents that she was sure she would get the money, making them hope for their grandson. Miley expained the same things to Ian, and left her parents' house, driving to her house to get dressed.
She chose to wear a black mini dress. It was perfect for the situation....

Nick placed some lit candles around his living room and bedroom, making it look more romantic. He didnt want her to hate him. He wanted her to like him, like he did. He realised that this wasnt the right way of starting. But of course, he didn't regret his suggestion. He couldn't stand not having seen what there is behind those clothes. It was obvious that he wanted her badly. He decided to be nice and gentle at first, so he could win her again...

Miley pulled in the driveway of his house, outing her car and going towards his door. It was a nice big mansion. Something that she would expect to see from a principal of a company. She strightened her dress and hair a little bit and she knocked on the door. Nick lifting from the couch, looking himself at the big mirror in his living room and fixing his hair a little bit, and went to open the door.
His eyes shinned looking at the beauty in front of him but he tried to hide it.

"Hello", he said friendly, making way for het to get in. She whispered a "Hi" back and she stood there in the middle of the living room, her gaze adhering at her small black persue.

"Take a seat", he offered walking beside her to the mini bar in the other side of his living room. Miley sat at the couch silently, looking at him from behind. He wasn't a beast of course, she admitted to herself. She always found him attractive but she hadn't done anything since she prefered to have a respect toward her boss.

"Would you like to drink something?", he said, turning around to see her looking down immediately when he spoke. Of course, he had seen her looking at him and a smile formed on his face again.

"Yeah, something light if you can", she said, now crossing her legs and pushing her back to the back of the couch. She had to play a role, hadnt she?

Nick filled two glasses with drink and turned around. To his astonishment, she had made herself at home "I'm happy you've kinda relaxed", he said admiring her long legs that her dress was revealing.
She handed her the glass and they both drank a sip. "What an awesome house. And really big for a bachelor", she said playfully.

"Well that's the advantage of the principals", he answered while he was checking her out again.
"Would you like to go upstairs?, he offered with a big smirk on his face. She nodded looking back at him seductively and rosed from the couch.


 She let him show her the way to the stairs and he, of course, let her go first, like a gentleman he was. Miley moved her hips, side to side, walking up the stairs making Nick get horny.
Once they reached to the long hall Miley made way for Nick to walk and show her where they were going. He opened his bedroom door, revealing his room. The floor was full of candles and the lighting was romatic. Pretty interesting Miley thought, stepping in.

Nick reached for his bedside table, lifting a paper and turned around to face Miley. "Here is your check with the money", he said. Miley nodded awkwardly playing with her fingers.

Nick placed it back on his bedside table and he started walking closer to Miley. She gasped, not looking at him, letting him start first. He got even closer to her, placing his hand on her waist, his lips close to hers. He leaned in more and he finally collapsed his lips to hers, making Miley shiver. She kissed back, pursuading herself that she had to do it, for Ian. Soon enough, Nick's hands traveled down to her butt which he massaged, while begging for entrance in Miley's mouth. She opened her mouth more and let him explore it with his tongue. She tried to hide her moans, breathing heavily in his mouth, with his two hands placed on her butt.

After a while, the need for oxygen broke the kiss but their bodies stayed close to each other's. Miley lowered her gaze once again, recalling in her mind the reasong that she was doing all of this for. Nick placed one of his hands on her chin, lifting it higher, which provided him with more spots of her delicate neck to kiss. He drove his mouth to her jaw, where he left several kiss and lead himself to the soft skin of her neck. He kissed it hungrily, bitting it and sucking on it, making Miley get weaker on her knees.

Surprisingly, Miley placed her hands on his and pulled him cloder to his bed and started unbuttoning his shirt. Nick, thrilled of Miley's action, put his hands at Miley's back, unzipping her beautiful black dress all the way daown. Miley, taking her time, unbuttoned each one of his shirt buttons, placing now her hands on his shoulders and removing it from his muscular body.

Her awe could be seen by Nick who playfully whispered, chuckling, at her ear "Like?"
Miley nodded and lifted her head for the first time to meet his mocha orbs being in fire She traveled her hands on his chest, stroking his abs, looking in his eyes deeply. Nick smiled at her, lowering the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders and letting it fall down on the floor.

Miley blushed at his stare and this big smirk formed on his face. He didn't hesitate to touch her immediately after he removed the dress which afterll, was his biggest desire. Miley felt shivers down her body and left a small moan escape from her lips.

Nick pushed her gently on the bed, taking first a look of her half naked body and hovered over her slowly. His hands found their way to her thighs, stroking them while his lips met hers for one more time.
Miley now moaning from Nick's touch, pulled away from the kiss and left small repeatedly kisses on his neck.

Soon enough, her hormones took over her body, making her lead her hands to his crotch, stroking it. Nick moaning her name, pulled them over so she was on top. Miley placing her thighs at each side of Nick's body, leaned down to kiss him. He deepened the kiss, removing Miley's long hair from one shoulder and reaching for her bra clasp. He unbuttoned it but he didn't remove it of her body. Miley, pulling away from the kiss, arched her back, pushing her long hair out of her shoulders and let the two straps of her bra, roll down her arms and find their way out of her body. She arched her back and shoulders even more, showing clearly her breasts and started humping Nick's crotch.

Nick, staring at Miley's breasts and feeling her woman hood on his croth, moaned and lifted his chest higher ro pull one of Miley's nipples in his mouth. Miley stopped humping him, pulling her head back in pleasure and moaned moudly to the union of Nick's wet mouth and her nipple. "OOOhhh Mr. Jonas", she moaned pulling hair lightly.

Nick, kissed, bit, and sucked on Miley's nipples like a little baby, enjoying his time and pulling them over so he was on top. He worked his way down to her stomach, leaving plenty wet kisses, massaging her breasts with one hand until he reached Miley's lower stomach.

Standing on his knees, he started unbuttoning his belt. Miley lifted her body, helping him to take off his pants. She unzipped them, looking staright at his dick while smirking and let him pull them put off his legs.

Once Nick was done, she laid back on the bed again. He found the spo he had just stopped at, on Miley's body, and started pulling down her thong.



 He took her thong off, staring at her pussy "Aww Damn she is even more beautiful than I believed" he thought in his mind.

Miley, without a second thought, wided her legs, letting Nick take a better view of her.

Nick couldn't resist but move his mouth closer to her vagina and finally plant several wet kisses around it. "Ohhh Mr. Jonas...! Don't tease me. Go for it!", she mumbled moaning.

Nick, then, inserted a finger in her moving it in and out. Miley's moans increased at the feeling of his finger in herm which encouraged him to put two more fingers in her. Miley arched her back, feeling the pleasure of his fingers in her pussy and moaned louder than before, making sure that her orgasm's coming. Nick moved all his 3 fingers in and out and in a circular motion, driving Miley in the dge. "I-I'm s-so close" Miley tried to say through her moaning.

Nick put his fingers out of her hole and replaced them with his tongue, wriggling it, licking and bitting her clit. Miley, finally, cummed in his mouth letting a loud moan from her lips.

Nick took his time down there, enjoying himself, getting her as wet as he wanted until he pulled away, leaving a last soft kiss. He looked at her 'I-want-you-badly-in-me' expression and chickled, pulling down his own boxers, revealing his huse long cock to Miley.

She licked her lips seductively, a smork formed on her face and pushed him down, getting on top of him.

"Let me take care of it, Mr. Jonas", she said, getting closer to his dick. She took it in her hands and massaged it, watching Nick's expression who actually wanted to say something.

"Aaa..Miley", he said through his groans. "It's Nick, not Mr. Jonas", he mumbled, not able to say it louder.

"What did you say, Mr. Jonas?", she pretended that she didn't hear him, getting closer to his dick, planting soft kisses around it.

It's N-N-Nick, not Mr. J-J-Jonas", he repeated, enjoying the pleasure that Miley was giving to him

"I'm sorry, Mr. Jonas but I didn't hear what you said. Can you repeat?", she said seductively while kissing his cock, pretending that she didn't hear him again and she took and finally she inserted it in her mouth, licking it.

"HOLY SHIT, nothing! Suck it already", he moaned, beaten by Miley's game. Miley gigled, pushing it all the way in her mouth and sucking it hard, while massaging his balls. Nick kept moaning Miley's name, pulling her head closer to his dick, feeling his orgasm coming.

Miley sucked his dick harder and harder, making him finally cum. She licked and swallowed his cum and she finally pulled away, seeing Nick smirking at her.

"Get ready, baby girl", he warned her, pulling her down beside him and hovering over her petite body.


[Rated R]

  Nick hovered over Miley, covering her petite figure with his muscular body, positioning himself in the right spot. Miley, with her legs widened, watched him positioning himself and finally felt a push, down in her vagina.

Nick entered Miley hard and fast, his dick hard as a rock, making her breathless for the first seconds.

Soon enough, moans started escaping Miley's lips, making their sexual action even more pleasurable. He thrust in and out of her hard, staring at her face.

First round of cum wasn't far away and Miley screaming Nick's name was the first to cum. "Aww...baby" she moaned, breathing heavily. Miley decided to take action and make Nick cum as well. She pulled them over, being now on top and started riding him...hard.

Nick's groans and Miley's moans could be heard, someone would say, in the whole house as they were pleasured in each possible way.

Nick finally cummed in Miley's vagina, giving and end to their sexual action.

He pulled out of Miley, holding her waist, lifting her and placing her next to him. Miley laid beside him pronely, her eyes shinning like stars, looking staright in Nick's eyes.

He lifted the sheets higher and covered both of their naked bodies and turned to face Miley, He offered her a soft smile, placing his nad where Miley'd placed it, between their two pillows, and held it tight. Miley smiling back at him, intertwined her fingers with his, closing her eyes and falling asleep.


Three hours had passed when Miley woke up unexpectedly. She looked around for a clock, noticing one on Nick's bed table, next to her check. Everything happened for this, she thought in her mind. Her gaze fell on Nick who was sleeping happily next to her. The sheets covering only half of his body, let Miley take a better view of him.

Oh My God, has she really had sex with him some hours ago? She couldn't still believe it. Oh wait, was she falling for Nick? No way she thought in her mind. She couldn't fall fo her boss. That would ruin her business life. Yet he was so sweet with her, even if he had asked for something so crazy.

She took the decision to lave even though it was three in the morning. She got up from the bed, naked, searching for her clothes which Nick had previously thrown around the room.

She found everything except for her underwear and put them on. She looked at herself a little in the mirror, to fix her messy hair that proved that she just had sex, but she gave up, since whatever she'd do, it would look the same.

She walked to the other side of the bed and took her ckeck from Nick's bed table. She smiled one last time to Nick sleeping and went for the door, looking one last time under the bed for her underwear.

"Are you looking fot this?", Nick's voice suddenly heard, making Miley jump on her heels and turn around.

He was holding her thong and he was twisting it around his fingers, smirking.


   [RATED R]

  "Ummm....yeah", Miley gigled but then she reminded herself that she had to leave. "Just...keep it...I don't care" she gasped turning around, getting out of the room and walking in the hall towards the stairs while tears started forming in her eyes.

Nick ran immediately after her, shouting her name. "Miley, where are you going? It's 3 am in the morning!", Nick said cathcing her hand before she could arrive at the stairs.

Her wet from tears eyes widened to the look of Nick standing naked in front of her. "Mr. Jonas, you're naked!", she yelled at him trying her best to escape from his fist frip.

"Like you haven't seen me like this before!", he laughed and went on: "What's wrong with you? Why are you crying?", he asked, looking deeply in her ocean blue eyes.

Miley sniffed and went to speak: "All of this is so wrong, Mr. Jonas. I shouldn't have accepted even though I need the money so freaking much!", she mumbled, wiping the tears away from her eyes. "Please let me go", she begged.

"Miley, I will let you go if you tell me that this night meant nothing to you. Did you feel anything while I was caressing your delicate body?", he whispered in her ear stroking her shoulders and traveling his hands down to her thighs.
"While I was...eating you out with my tongue", Nick went on stroking now her thighs, making Miley gasp.
"While I was inside of you....hard and fast?", he finished, placing his hands between her legs. "Please tell me that you felt something", he almost begged, stroking the skin near Miey's pussy, inside of her mini dress.

Miley, weak on her knees, tried hard not to collapse at the floor from Nick's touch and tried to concentrate so she could answer him.

 Of course, she had felt something. Which woman wouldn't have with such a handsome man like Nick? She knew it was lust and passion what she had felt. But love? Would he make her feel that someone loved her again?

Since the day Liam left, she had never felt love for someone except for her family of course. She didn't either feel loved by other people.

But what's up with Nick? Did he really care about her?

"I did", Miley confessed.
"I felt passion and pleasure...and I even gelt love", she tried, not believing what she was saying.
"But that doesn't matter", she stated. "We decided it to be for one night and for a particular reason"

Nick's excitement from Miley's previous words, hadn't faded from his face even though she made that reminder afterwards. "Come on Miley. It's still the same night. We don't break our deal this way".

Oh gosh, he really wanted her. She started realising now that he liked her!
"Okay", Miley mouthed, a small smile forming on her lips, her teary eyes shinning.

Nick didn't wait for a second before he locked his lips with hers, pushing her against the wall.
They kissed passionately, entering thei tongues in each other's mouth until their wild cheers revealed...

Miley, treveling her hands to his butt, massaging it slowly, kissed his neck hungrily. Nick, groaning from Miley's touch, lifted Miley's dress hight to her waist, exposing her pussy and placed his dick near her vagina, entering her hard.

Miley moaned to the feeling of his dick inside of her, grazing Nick's skin with her nails and wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Oh...Mr. Jonas, harder" she moaned teasing him.

"Damn it, it's Nick. Not Mr. Jonas", he said while thrusting in and out of her, kissing her neck.

"Nickyy,,,," Mile moaned now, while being pleasured.

"Full name baby" Nick groaned as he bit the skin on her neck and pushed her harder against the wall. "Nicholas Jerry Jonas. Go harder for goodness' sake" she said moaning....


The story was canceled.