I ♥ You Forever

A Rated R One-Shot
Miley standing in the middle of the small square of her village looked behind her checking if her parents were still there. They had just had dinner at a restaurant and they accidentally met some friends of them. Miley didn't mind joining their conversation. Her mind was kept busy by innumerable thoughts. She wanted to find a great excuse to feed her parents with so she could go meet her Prince Charming.

She felt her feet arching in her high heels and she needed to have a seat. She approached a small cement stool, feeling the gaze of other people to surround her. Was she walking weirdly in her high heels? It was the first time she wore them in the first place. But their look didn't prove disgust or hoax. They were admiring her. Realizing it, Miley blushed and straightened her long brown hair a little bit awkwardly.

Taking a seat at the mantel , she looked up the sky. It was clear and no cloud was obvious to the eye, revealing the hot day that was coming tomorrow. The stars were flickering, like if you could, you would lift your hand and reach one of them.

Hearing her name from her mom's lips, Miley removed her gaze from the sky and rosed. She approached her parents, said goodnight to their friends and decided to bring up her issue.

"Mom, could I go meet Demi? She's at her parents' cafeteria" Miley said, looking down at her heels, not believining that she was lying to her mom for one more time.
Miley's mom checked her watch which read past midnight and replied "Yes but you'll be back home before 1am. You promise?".
"Yes, I promise!" Miley said in joy and ran away, somewhere where she wouldn't be seen by her parents.
Walking a bit more, she finally reached the last cafeteria of the pier and turned right in the last corner.

Patting his fingers on his leg, Nick checked the hour on his watch once again. Lifting his head to look around, a beauty drew his attention, making his gaze stay fixed at her.

Summer breeze blew Miley's long brown hair out of her shoulders and made her loose red dress cover tightly her beautiful thin body and reveal her curves. Her long pretty legs steeping in her high heels made her look like the most beautiful girl in the world.

Nick rosed and took some steps closer to his girlfriend as she kept walking towards him.

Miley smiled at him sweetly and closed the gap between them by hugging him tightly.

Nick deepened the hug, placing his hands around her waist and whispered to her ear how much he had missed her.

"I've missed you too", Miley whispered back placing her forehead on his. Nick smiled and collapsed his lips on hers. They kissed passionately, depending it as much as they could.

Soon enough, Nick's tongue entered Miley's mouth, exploring it. Miley got weak on her knees and soft moaned in his mouth.

The need for oxygen broke them apart. Catching her breath, Miley looked in Nick's eyes and giggled. Nick smiled at her, smirking.

"I need you", he whispered to her and kissed her again.

"I need you too" Miley mumbled through the kiss.

"What? Are you sure, baby?" Nick questioned in surprise, pulling away from the kiss.

"Wait...what do you mean by asking me if I'm sure?, she asked, biting her bottom lip. "Miles, I want us to make love. Do you want it too?, Nick said sincerely, looking deeply in Miley's eyes.

Her eyes widened in surprise and went to say "I'm not sure if I'm ready, Nick. I just need to prepare myself first. You know 'girl issues"..."

"Okay, Miley. I'll wait for you" he confessed and kissed her again.
"Will you be my first?" Miley told Nick 1 week later.
"What?" Nick said not getting what she was talking about.
"Nick, I'm ready for you to make love to me" she said with a soft smile formed on her lips.

Miley's POV
Nick said he would organize everything. He suggested us going to the beach tonight and I truly think it's an amazing idea. I trust him and I absolutely believe in him.
I told my parents that me and Demi would have a sleepover at her house because her parents were away for the weekend. Demi agreed on helping me which proved what a sweetheart she is. She always covered me when I was with Nick and I always covered her when she was at Joe's house and they were "chilling". Yeah that's how they called it but I totally know that this "chilling time" involved a bed and condoms. Despite Demi being my age, she had done it with Joe last summer for the first time. Joe and her are really in love and Demi had actually fallen for Joe way before they started dating, so it wasn't difficult for Demi to sleep with him.
And Joe, of course, being Nick's brother was as awesome as Nick and always a gentleman to Demi.

Normal POV

Sun was about to set when Miley started dressing up. She chose to wear a white loose dress, with thin straps, which ended above her knees. Underneath, she wore white lingerie which revealed her innocence.
She walked out of Demi's house after a long conversation with Demi about what's the first time like. Miley didn't want to hear a lot from Demi. She wanted to feel all those strange emotions by herself and without knowing.

She stepped at the grass, her beautiful goldish sandals blazing in the darkness. She reached the beach, whish was really close to Demi's house and started walking on it. She could barely make out Nick's figure until she got closer to him. Nick, obviously, realized that it was Miley and started walking closer to her.

A noticeable soft smile formed on Miley's face when she saw him clearly now, walking towards her and when she basically saw the beautiful atmosphere that Nick had created.

Lit candles were placed around a big blanket which was held on the sandy ground by 4 pebbles. Nick had chosen the most magical spot of the beach. There were these small trees whish stood next to each other cyclic and formed a kind of tiny forest.

Miley, bring her gaze back to Nick and whispered softly "Hi". Nick's eyes checked her out from head to toe which made him smile. "Hi" he said as well, catching Miley's hands in his own. "You look beautiful", he continued, being as romantic as she wanted him to be.

Miley nodded, always with a smile on her face and took some steps closer to the blanket, having her fingers intertwined with Nick's. "Everything is wonderful", she said, taking a better view of the place and locking eyes with Nick.

Nick got closer to her and held her waist, leaving no space between them and went to speak: "It's all for you and me"

Miley smiled more, showing her teeth and pecked Nick on the lips.

"Hey, I deserve way more for what I did" Nick complained playfully. Miley, always held in Nick's arms, giggled and leaned in kissing him passionately. Nick deepened it even more passionately and lead them closer to the blanket until his bare feet and her sandals were stepping at it.

Without breaking the kiss, Nick laid Miley on the blanket and hoved over her but the need for oxygen pulled them away. Nick rested on his elbows, locking eyes with Miley once again. "Hey Nick" she started "how do we know that we're safe here? I mean someone could see us or..." she continued but Nick cut her off.

"Don't worry baby. I've already taken care of that. Joe and Kevin will be around here, guarding us. But NOT too close" he pointed out with a chuckle in his voice.

Seeing Miley nodding her head, he got closer to her and leaned in to kiss her, but Miley cut him off again. "You brought the necessary protection, right?" Miley asked worried.

"You mean condoms?" Nick laughed and sat on his knees, to undo Miley's sandals. "Yeah" she said, her cheeks turning into red. "Of course I did" he said chucking, finishing putting her sandals off.

Once Nick laid back on the blanket, his hands under his head, Miley rosed on her feet. Without turning to face Nick she pulled her white dress over her head, leaving herself only in her bra and panties. She laid back on the blanket and turned to face Nick.

"Wow" he only said, resting on his elbow and placing his other hand on Miley's stomach.

"Make me yours Nicky" Miley said as truthfully as she could.
Without thinking, Nick hoved over Miley and kissed her passionately.

His hand traveled down to her thigh and stroked it softly. Breaking the kiss, he lifted a little, letting Miley unbutton his white shirt slowly. Once she's done, she pulled it off his arms, leaving him shirtless.

Nick leaned in and started planting soft wet kisses on Miley's neck. He kept kissing her upper chest until he reached her breasts.

Miley volunteered and lifted her body, put her hands on her back, unbuttoned her white bra and took it off.

Nick applied his hot with a layer of saliva and leaned in once again, kissing all over Miley's breasts, always taking him time. Miley's first moans started escaping her lips. She pulled his hair lightly, feeling her body getting hot from his touch.

Nick had got hard, you could say, and once Miley felt it, she felt chills all over her body and then giggled. Nick removed his lips from her pink nipples and looked at her weirdly.

"What's so funny?" he said, shaking his head from side to side.

"You just proved your excitement" she said pointing down with her finger.

"It's not my fault. You turned me on" he said playfully and get back on kissing Miley's stomach now.

Miley traveled her hands on his shorts and unzipped them, starting taking them off. Nick rosed on his knees and took them off, leaving himself only in his boxers.

He hoved over Miley again and kissed her on the lips, his hands on her panties. While kissing her, he took them off and then he pulled away.

He took his boxers off as well and reached for the packet with condoms in his shorts' pocket.

He wore one and got on top of Miley, looking straight in her eyes. Miley nodded, approving of Nick to continue. Nick fumbled her area with his fingers first and then he started pulling inside of her.

Feelings that they had never felt before started taking over them as they both moaned to the union.

Nick pulled in and out of her, adjusting Miley to his size and kept this pace for several minutes until Miley told him to go faster. He quickened his pace, going faster and faster.

Miley's moans increased as Nick was pulling in places that Miley never knew that she had.

"I'm going to cum Nicky!" she mumbled as she felt her body shaking.

"Me too baby" Nick said as she felt her walls close tight around his dick, her body shaking until they cummed together. Breathing heavily, Nick kissed Miley's forehead, pulled out of her and laid beside her on the blanket.

Miley, trying to catch her breathe, looked at Nick next to her and offered him a beautiful smile. She got closer to him and reached for his condom, which she took off and threw away. She stroked his dick for a while, always looking deeply in Nick's mocha orbs.

Nick threw his arms around Miley and get her closer to his body."I love you Miley!" he said and pulled a sheet over their naked bodies.

"I love you too Nick" she said and hugged his waist, resting her head on his bare chest.

"Forever" Miley continued and closed her eyes.

"Forever" Nick repeated and closed his eyes as well.

The End.